How Many Gardening Tools Do You Actually Need?

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As you do more gardening and you learn more about your hobby you are going to also learn about all sorts of gardening tools that, supposedly, will save you hours of time and make your garden even more beautiful. Obviously you do not have to buy every single tool that is being sold. Start small with a collection of basic tools and then let yourself work your way up to the bigger and more impressive tools that are being sold. Believe it or not you can do pretty much everything you need to do in your garden using only your strength. Moving plants and dirt from one place to another in your garden can be accomplished using your hands. The problem with doing all of your work the hard way is that it strains your body�using tools can help you save time and keep your body healthy and uninjured. This article talks about some of the tools that you might find useful.

Gardening shears as well as gardening pruners are something that just about every gardener, regardless of experience level, will need. There are many different sizes of pruners and shears to choose from. Pruners and shears are good for removing the damaged and dead parts of the different plants in your garden. This kind of cutting and pruning keeps your plants healthy. Pruners and shears can also be useful in creating clippings of the flowers and plants you grow�which is very useful to gardeners who want to expand their flower gardens. You can start whole new plants from clippings. Cut flowers can also be used as household decorations once the flowers have blossomed.

Pitchforks are great, even for gardeners who only want to plant small gardens in their yards. A pitchfork is, basically, a large scale trowel or spade (it does the same work, it just does more of it). They are awesome for aerating your garden soil, moving around your compost and turning the earth in your garden. Compost needs to be turned as it breaks down and decomposes�you will need to have a pitchfork to help you with the turning. Compost that doesn�t get turned simply forms a big hard shell that cannot be used for anything.

Hand trowels are very helpful. Many beginning gardeners use their hands for moving dirt around. As you get used to working in the garden you will find that you also get used to using the hand trowel. It can also help protect your hands. Many gardeners use trowels to help them with the weeding process and to shift the dirt around the plants without harming the plants themselves. You can use hand trowels on just about every plant in a garden because trowels come in many different sizes.

Many people enjoy gardening because it is relaxing. There is something inherently calming about the act of �playing in the dirt� that many people enjoy after a long or stressful day. Many gardeners start out by using only their hands. Using gardening tools instead of one�s hands doesn�t feel so awkward after a while. Before you know it your gardening tools will start to feel as familiar to you as your own limbs. If you give it enough time using gardening tools will not feel clumsy anymore; it will feel natural. Gardening might even start to feel fun!

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